Popsy Interactive


Q: What does it cost to become a Popsy Posse member?

A:  Not a dime, zilch, nada.

Q:  Why do you reward us for playing and interacting during an event or ballgame?

A:  Advertisers find it very important on how well customers are responding to their brand, or team.   Popsy allows that to happen.

Q:  How long does it take to set-up my profile:  

A:  Your profile can be set up in just minutes, simply go to our website and complete your profile.


 Q:  How long does it take to start earning rewards?  

A:  Instantly, just participate and start earning your way to great products and services that you use every day. 

Q:  Is there a schedule of upcoming Popsy’s?

A:  YES! Simply check out our website on upcoming Popsy challenges in your market or on TV.

Q:  What’s the catch?  

A:  Nothing, get rewards for having fun! 

Q:  Is there a way to check point accumulation:  

A:  Of course!  From anywhere and at anytime, users can access their account and review point totals and participation in categories such as program, team, event, and sponsors.  They can also review standings within a specific program, team, event or Popsy Posse.

Q:  Can I invite my friends to play?

A:  We encourage you to invite your friends to be a part of the action. Go to our website and click on the Popsy Posse tab.  

Q:  Where can I find out more about Popsy?  

A:  We are on the web, on the phone, and we can also be found on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Q:  Do you share our information for spamming purposes?  

A:  We will not distribute or sell your information to unknown sources.  However, we will provide you with offers that may fit your profile. 

 Q:  How can I advertise on Popsy?  

A:  For advertising information, please check out our website under the Advertise with Popsy page.

Q:  What programs are Popsy enabled?  

A:  Please check out website for upcoming challenges under the Challenges tab.  We try to keep that information up to date, so you can always find something to participate with.

Q:  What prizes can I win?

A:  By participating in Popsy challenges you have the opportunity to earn points in which you can redeem for prizes.  Details forthcoming.